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MAD FISH 4.7" | Soft Lure Shad Zander
  • MAD FISH 4.7" | Soft Lure Shad Zander

MAD FISH 4.7" | Soft Lure Shad Zander

  • Size: 4.7"
  • Weight: 17.8G
  • Target species: trout, black bass, perch
  • 3 units per ZIP
  • Without phthalates

Reference: RC-LS-MDF47

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MAD FISH 4.7" | Soft Lure Shad Zander

The MAD FISH 4.7" from RAVENCRAFT is a beautiful soft lure with a raised body that emits a beautiful vibration. It generates a rolling action very easily at different retrieve speeds which harmonizes with different approaches: vertical fishing, linear, stop and go, cranking and linear drop shot.

The MAD FISH 4.7" is also ideal for use with a Texan rig, which can be used to get big fish to "move" in areas of high fishing pressure or when it's hot in the heart of the weed beds.

The magic of the MAD FISH 4.7" is its ability to catch fish almost "on its own" in the descent phase where its attraction is made up of a very reactive and supple caudal flapping accompanied by a soft rolling action.

It's just as effective line fishing in the water layers as it is in scratch fishing. One of the secrets of the MAD FISH 4.7" is its flexibility, which makes it ideal for slower vertical fishing when conditions are the most complicated. The two sizes available allow you to extend the size of a rubber jig to transform it into a swim jig for linear fishing.

As you can see, the MAD FISH 4.7 "is a quality shad lure that is extremely versatile for a wide range of techniques and types of action.

3 units
Without phthalates
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