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Digit Lure

The history of Digital Squad Fishing, our brand of lure, offered on our store, begins after a 5 year experience of guiding (zander, pike, catfish/silure) on the Rhone river (Arles / Avignon). In addition to this, we have 35 years of experience in freshwater and saltwater fishing.

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Year after year, fish are getting smarter

With enough fishing experience from the bank or float-tubing in search of zander in pelagic / vertical, we notice a certain education of the fish on lures with "classic" behavior, making fishing more technical than before. This observation is not to our displeasure, it reinforces our desire to develop new lures with a "versatile" character. We also work on more specific projects, adapted to a specific type of fishing.
The quest for the perfect lure is certainly futile! We understand the aggressive stimuli of predators and their evolution in our waters and in European waters in order to offer models suited for your local waters.

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As a Japanese ichthyological study has shown, a predatory fish captured with a lure, then released, is able to identify for a period of 3 years, the danger of any lure producing the same vibrations and identical swimming action as the one that captured it. We understand that the fish is anything but stupid and that it is necessary to understand it more thoroughly and fish it efficiently. It is this "science" that we put at your disposal through our lures, hoping that you will enjoy fishing them as much as we enjoyed making them.

Unique design for each of our lure

As you can see, our lures have a unique appearance, the result of the development, over the last 10 years, of our graphic identity and the development of digital tools to push the limits of creativity.

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The creation of a lure goes through several phases; its"appearance"/hydrodynamics, the mechanics of swimming is set in this same phase.We test the performance of our lures, whose final product must be able to ensure a type of fishing such as vertical, linear or drop shot fishing techniques.

We use numerical tests of the product's resistance, working on the hardness index of soft lures adapted to a type of fishing. But also a rigorous choice of hooks, balancing phase (lure swimming) to conclude with the cosmetic dimension.

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The ecological dimension is present in our manufacturing process. The recent climatic events made us elaborate a specific process with the use of an eco-friendly material for mass production. These are used for the production of jig heads and other lures. We have rightly patented this process in order to eliminate lead, which is harmful to the environment.

Our Objectives

Our goal is to introduce you to our brand and our passion for a new generation of fishing lures. We wish to pass down our experience and on the water fishing practice. This is to better understand the evolution of our sport and fish behavior.
Fishing is our sport, it’s about being in the outdoors, a way of life close to nature. We spend more time on the water, and make it count, for us and the people we take along on our fishing trips.