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New fishing lures arrivals: jerkbait, crankbait, stickbait, swimbait

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New lures for freshwater and saltwater : how to choose your Digital Squad Fishing lures

Among the latest lures we offer on Digit Lure, you will find the latest releases of hard lures, soft lures and metal lures from our brand Digital Squad Fishing. We remind you that our brand offers you innovative lures for freshwater and sea fishing. Our Digital Squad Fishing lures brand is available in stores but also on the internet stores of our reseller customers. New DSF lures are also available on our digit-lure website.

To stay on top of your game, we try to develop more and more avant-garde lures under our DSF brand. Among the hard lures we have a series of crankbaits of different densities and depths as well as jerkbait minnows with complementary mechanisms.

In terms of new lures, after the release of the Fierce Swimmer 8 inches (soft swimbait for big pikes) and the validation of our Raziel Shad 5 inches for linear fishing of predators, you will find in 2022 a new Fierce swimmer size, which will allow you to face the majority of predators with this complementary size.

Among the new hard lures, the arrival of the Glide Dog 100 a floating stickbait dedicated to sliding fishing, designed for precise sliding fishing to respond to lunatic or simply inactive predators. This new lure is also very comfortable with a WTD (walking the dog) stickbait.

In addition to this stickbait, Digit lure has introduced the Cobalt Vib 72, a sinking lipless lure (1 meter every 2 seconds) with a medium speed to explore the open water more precisely. Note that these new lures are also excellent for shallow water fishing for pike and perch.

Information about the new Digital Squad Fishing lures

In order to keep in touch with us, our latest release, and information about DSF lures, you can find us on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. You will find information about out latest lures, our work in progress, the prototypes and release dates.

Being designer but also manufacturer of our own lures we have the ability to take the direction that the market expects, that's why for the new lures of tomorrow we are listening to you today.

If you want to talk to us about upcoming future lures, please use our social networks or send us an email to get in touch. We value your feedback from the field to prepare our new lures, because there's nothing more rewarding than releasing new lures that anglers are waiting for.