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Best Black Bass Lure

Best black bass lure: hardbait, softbait, metal lure

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The best lure for black bass : how to fish ?

The best lure for black bass, at times, can feel like a quest of the Holy grail to find this best lure that will convince the big ones to bite. The black bass is a sporty freshwater predator, exciting to fish for its frenzy and determination to aggressively pursue lures.
However, just like pike fishing, black bass fishing has its own specifications depending on the biotopes fished.The old spinner is still in use for fishing in clear water. To choose the best lures for black bass, let's talk by category of lure and type of fishing area. Bass fishing lures and technique probably brings the biggest diversity than any other fish. You can be catching bass in deep water or shallow water, in heavy cover or open water. Big bass will bite lipless crankbait, square bill crankbait or jigs, you can fish with a green pumpkin finesse worm or a colorado blade spinnerbait, a texas or carolina rig and much more.
There are several types of lures for these predatory fish, let's try to choose the best models together. Fishing with a soft lure on a Texas hook is deadly for stalking large fish, camouflaged in logjams. Like other freshwater predators, black bass is among those fish that are as perceptive as they are moody. Capable of accelerating to attack on the surface as well as of total immobility under the foliage of trees.

Fishing the surface during the summer: best stickbait and popper

To begin with, summertime, which runs from May to September, corresponds to the warmest water temperatures. The temperature increases with the metabolism of the black bass. The black bass will eat more often but smaller prey, the fry of the year. The black bass is a fish with a thick jaw, oriented upwards, with an ease to feed at the surface. For this reason, at this time of year, the best lures to use are surface lures such as floating stickbaits or poppers. The stickbait, with a conical or round section, is known by its zigzag swimming action called the Walking the Dog (wtd). At that time, the black bass carries out surface-feeding frenzies, hitting and splashing baitfish on top! When you see that, it’s better to throw just a little to the side to avoid spooking the fish. The Walking the Dog is used on the first pass. This swimming action in the shape of zigzag, is obtained with a series of small strokes of the rod tip to make the lure veer right to left.

On the next cast, we alternate the animation with a wider stroke, drawing an S, which we call the long slide. It is obtained with a series of wide and ample shots, of the tip of the rod. The second surface lure at this time of year is called the popper. It's an inverted cigar-shaped lure that sprays water on the surface and leaves a string of bubbles in its wake. A selection of 2 to 3 lures sized between 60 to 85 millimeters allows adapting according to the prey on the fishing zone. The lure color factor is to be taken into account during your fishing session. We choose flashy colors to contrast with the surface of the water. These are also good colors for overcast days. Fire tiger and chartreuse are excellent for this purpose. Light colors are selected for clear waters that allow for a natural presentation. In conclusion, most of the shaded areas are to be fished in priority for the black-bass as the tree foliage which is big fish heaven.

Linear fishing with a soft shad lure: the best for covering water

First of all, no other soft lure allows such a versatile presentation. The paddle tail shad can work at all depths by adapting the weight of the jig head. Used in a Texas rig, it's the ideal lure for fishing without snags in vegetation cover and submerged wood. Drop shot fishing with small sizes allows static presentation on inactive fish, it is possible to use this combo for linear fishing without taking the weight off the bottom. A soft shad lure gives the best of itself when fishing along obstacles, such as rocky outcropping, ripraps, and cliffs. Finally, depending on the model of shad used, try a football head to add rolling to the bait!

Fine fishing with the best soft lure: the finesse shad!

First of all, there are times when the black bass refuses any presentation that is too fast or sloppy, due to its wariness or inactivity. A presentation by subtle vibration of the rod tip can be enough to get it going. This soft plastic lure can be worked much the way you could with a stick bait, in a walking the dog fashion while Texas rigged. The swimming action is very similar to that of a stickbait with the advantage of a soft texture which makes it easier for the black bass to catch. The choice of colors should be coherent to adapt to the watercolor matching the fishing conditions. With a shad soft lure, you can increase the size of the bite to select big black bass by rigging it in as a trailer behind a spinnerbait or chatterbait. This soft lure is an excellent vertical or slow linear drop shot lure. All the subtlety of the finesse shad and adapt the sizes according to the environment.

The hard lures with a lip: which are the best for black bass?

To begin with, the crankbait qualifies as the king of the fast-moving lure for black bass fishing. The crankbait has a lip that acts as an obstacle deflector in addition to getting the bait to dive. Shallow crankbait models are used for summer fishing in shallow areas. The deep diver models are perfect for rocky breaks and rocky walls of lakes where black bass hold. Another type of hard lure, the Jerkbait minnow, is great for matching slender baitfish like bleak. The linear retrieves are perfect for these lures with a small twitch every now and then to break the pace. To conclude we want to differentiate twitches (short strokes of 5 to 10 cm) from jerks (long strokes of 45 cm to 1m), these types of retrieves need to be adjusted according to the mood of bass.

Best metal lures for black bass

First of all, to complete your collection of the best lures for black bass fishing there is the category of metal lures. In this family of lures, there is the spinnerbait which allows you to prospect dense cover thanks to its triangular frame, bouncing between snags while protecting its center-placed hook. The chatterbait is designed around a jig head under a blade producing a heavy thumping vibration. It is a perfect lure for precision fishing at all depths. We add indifferently on spinnerbait or chatterbait a soft lure to increase the profile for big black bass. This soft lure can be a small shad or finesse shad, we call it a trailer lure.
The casting jigs or jigger spoon is an all-terrain lure not to be neglected. It offers the best performance in casting distance, all lures combined, to reach the most remote positions. It can be used with a linear retrieve and offers a diminutive format matching summer recently hatched small baitfish. Finally, the ancient wobbling spoon can be the best lure for black bass thanks to its falling action along the banks.