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YY 16 | Jig Casting Lure
  • YY 16 | Jig Casting Lure

YY 16 | Jig Casting Lure

  • Size: 52 mm
  • Weight: 16G
  • Density: Sinking
  • Hooks: BKK N°8 CD treble hooks
  • Lure for fishing: black bass, perch, zander, pike

Reference: RC-MT-YY52

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YY 16 | Jig Casting Lure

A range of jig casting lures, the YY from RAVENCRAFT has a sublime paintwork with curves and a perfect finish. Different sizes are available to suit different predators and environments.

The YY 16gr takes 3 seconds to cover a depth of 2m with the same irregular descent where the lure lies flat and rolls over itself. It executes this slightly oblique phase with its head upwards emitting large flashes of light which make it super attractive.

Its descent is not too fast on a classic jigging action which makes it ideal for light sea fishing as well as river fishing for zander and catfish. The YY 16gr can be used for fast casting distances on medium weight tackle to give the best of itself when fishing on the fly in a straight line or close to the bottom where it has an interesting wobbling action.

It is used in this way for linear perch fishing with the tip close to the surface to avoid bringing it up too quickly. Once at the end of the course, close to the surface, pause to let it drop again. The YY 16gr is used for dynamic vertical jigging where it is super effective on perch and zander.

A sublime and versatile lure for fine sea and freshwater fishing with its small fish look.

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