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YY PLUG 86 | Sinking Lure
  • YY PLUG 86 | Sinking Lure

YY PLUG 86 | Sinking Lure

  • Size: 86 mm
  • Weight: 18G
  • Density: Sinking
  • Hooks: BKK N°6 CD Trebles
  • Lure for fishing: black bass, perch, zander, pike

Reference: RC-LD-YYP18

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YY PLUG 86 | Sinking Lure

DIGITAL SQUAD FISHING is proud to present the YY-PLUG range from RAVENCRAFT. Available in two sizes, the YY-PLUG has a beautiful appearance and a superb finish that produces a slight snap from its immobile mass.

This 86mm/18gr size takes 5.5 seconds to cover 2 meters allowing you to exploit your area on the way down. On the way down the lure performs a very attractive rolling action keeping the head pointing upwards. This oscillation allows the lure to shimmer on its sides as well as its ability to reach long casting distances with a straight trajectory.

The YY-PLUG 86mm-18gr maintains the same straight metronome action thanks to its rear weight which makes it chase alternately from right to left in a wide, classy and natural wobbling action. This is a very effective pattern when fishing for pike in very clear and difficult to fish waters. This mechanism gives the impression of a roach in agony sinking between 2 waters with its sides glistening.

An atypical and beautiful lure that will continue to outwit fish trained on hard lures with a more traditional action!

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