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FIERCE SWIMMER 8'' Soft Sinking Swimbait REAL FT
  • FIERCE SWIMMER 8'' Soft Sinking Swimbait REAL FT
  • FIERCE SWIMMER 8'' Soft Sinking Swimbait REAL FT
  • FIERCE SWIMMER 8'' Soft Sinking Swimbait REAL FT
  • FIERCE SWIMMER 8'' Soft Sinking Swimbait REAL FT

FIERCE SWIMMER 8'' Soft Sinking Swimbait REAL FT

  • Size: 8"
  • Weight : 96 gr
  • Specificity: internal balancing, rolling swivel.
  • Density: Sinking
  • Depth: up to 3 meters and more with optional additional weight
  • Hooks: Treble Hook #1/0
  • Target Species: Big Pike, Wels Catfish

Reference: DS-LS-FSM8-RFT

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Soft Sinking Swimbait FIERCE SWIMMER 8 REAL FT

FIERCE SWIMMER is a very versatile soft swimbait! Equipped with several rings, it allows you to adapt your angling very quickly. This versatility also applies to the types of areas fished (aquatic structure, seagrass beds, etc.).

Medley of a shad and a swimbait the Fierce Swimmer is able to swim both linear and sinking! How many times have you regretted that your best soft swimbaits didn't allow you to fish deeper? Whether fishing for big pike in winter or simply in the lake when they are posted just above seagrass beds in significant depths, the Fierce Swimmer answers the call! It is also suitable in the presence of current where a classic swimbait "stalls", saturated by the current, the fierce swimmer pushes the limits of the possible!

After a long year of development, the final version of the fierce swimmer is offered in a wide range of colors adapted to the conditions encountered on the water.

Its technical characteristics should not make you believe that it is a swimbait reserved for the elite or special fishing conditions! On the contrary, it has been developed to simplify your life and to keep with you only one swimbait capable of fishing for pike in shallow areas, as well as in deep areas such as for steady retrieve fishing over weed beds.

Let's take a look at the mechanics of the fierce swimmer. Equipped with a specific balancing system, it is perhaps one of the first swimbaits to offer a downward swim action that is just as brilliant and attractive as when used in a straight line to explore the different depths of water until you locate the big active pike in your fishing area.

The mass of the fierce swimmer allows for retrieves at the right pace to adapt to the mood of the fish. Then comes an internal frame capable of handling the violent rushes of the biggest fish (pike, wels catfish, and why not exotic fish like Aymara).

meilleur leurre souple swimbait silure peche gros brochet

REAL FT is an iconic color, inspired by the Fire Tiger color. We gave it our touch with a bright red cast on the belly to allow the big pike to refine their target when attacking. A strong contrast of the pattern on the body adds visibility to this color, definitely intended for all types of water, in short it is THE soft lure color that allows you to go around the fishing conditions encountered at the edge of the water.

The fierce swimmer is equipped with a treble hook with a needle to keep it firmly in position while swimming and casting. A rolling swivel completes the set to avoid losing or injuring large fish during the fight, often taking support on one of the points of the treble hook.

Four different eyelets emerge from this internal structure, allowing you to modulate the lure at will and adapt it to the fishing conditions!

An eyelet located at the chin allows you to add an additional sinker to make the swimbait run at the desired depths while keeping a swimming action during the descent, one of the secrets of the fierce swimmer.

The eyelet positioned on the mouth is used to tie your line. The eyelet on the top of the head can be fitted with the original hook, for use in thick cover and other aquatic structures where big pikes are hiding.

meilleur leurre souple swimbait silure peche gros brochet

The Fierce Swimmer is the perfect machine for those who want a flexible swimbait that can be fished at different retrieve speeds and/or fished at various depths with a proper rig.

No doubt that you will have a lot of fun and adrenaline just by seeing the falling action of the fierce swimmer, a must-have for the pike addicted.

Treble Hook #1/0
Target Species
Wels Catfish
How to use this lure (animation, swim action)
Bottom Hopping
Stop & go
Choose this color for
Active fish
All water type
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